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The Green Rose (OHSHC x Trans OC) by MaskedSkull
The Green Rose (OHSHC x Trans OC)by Skully
A new student from America arrives at Ouran Academy after moving to Japan with his mother, only to find that things aren't exactly what he was expecting when he was told...
Transmasc workout  by oceansgivepeace
Transmasc workout by f r o g
hi! i honestly don't know what to write here as an intro- anyways in this book i can show you ways to masculinize your body by working out! i know for me it's helped eas...
Home | TommyInnit & Ranboo x polyam ftm trans OC by -STR4WB3RRIES
Home | TommyInnit & Ranboo x BMO enthusiast
HOME - "but little did he know the stars welcome him with.. open arms.." in which the trans younger brother of dream befriends and falls in love with two of hi...
Regulus Black's Love |Year 1| (Jegulus) by simpforMauraders
Regulus Black's Love |Year 1| ( DumbTeenBoy
Starts in summer before Regulus' first year ⚠️⚠️TRIGGER WARNING ABUSE, HOMOPHOBIA and TRANSPHOBIA⚠️⚠️ Trans Sirius AU. Sirius comes out as trans. Walburga and Orion aren...
Trans tips by fawn_flower
Trans tipsby fawn_flower
Hello! You might know me from TikTok as: charbar0749. I've decided to write this to help trans people and people with trans friends and relatives. This will mainly be ti...
mushrooms // smp fanfic by elfsaresus
mushrooms // smp fanficby Nickole
this is a ftm george and tommy au! i am struggling with dyphoria alot recently so i decided to make a trans masc au of my favorite cc's. also it is really hard for me to...
Misery Duo.   [Moon Knight x reader] by WintersMourning
Misery Duo. [Moon Knight x Winter
Y/N Y/LN is born into a wealthy family that had moved from Egypt to America not long after their 3rd or 4th birthday, they meet Marc and creates a bond. A bond that seem...
Loved -- Golden Guard by SamTheWeeb
Loved -- Golden Guardby Sam/Fun Ghoul
A trans Golden Guard fanfiction based on the 2010 game Loved by Ocias. Though please keep in mind if you've played the game, it goes a bit off plot of the original game...
Expunged being a comforting sibling by 0999MEOW
Expunged being a comforting siblingby 🎀 Digit
story based on a comic by @beetlemug/bugmug_art on twt
Rick x Male Reader [ One Shots ] by DudesLikeDudes
Rick x Male Reader [ One Shots ]by ☆★☆
Fluff, NSFW, and Angst. For Cis, Trans, and Transmasc. Just sort stories for the soul y'all.
A Cup of Coffee by Sleep_Deprived720
A Cup of Coffeeby Sleepy
It started with a cup of coffee and a guitar. A Bad Sanses Poly story. Cafe! AU Killer - Rahafwabas Nightmare - Joku Cross - Jael Peñaloza/Jakei95/JakeaeiArtworks Horror...
Why Me? (Heisenberg x transmasc reader) by reesespuffs_1211
Why Me? (Heisenberg x transmasc reesespuffs_1211
Without any memory of any past events, you wake up inside of a castle full of different "people" whom you've never seen nor heard of. After being experimented...
I Guess We Aren't So Different After All by IspeedrunnedUrMom
I Guess We Aren't So Different Leo_KinnieCominAtYOU
Imma work on this later but Yeah it's an AU that me and a friend made and wrote about at like 2AM about Leo and Donnie being trans ftm and it's just before the events of...
The Icarus To Your Certainty | Hozier by elysianwilde
The Icarus To Your Certainty | •-•elysian•-•
After a drunken affair with a handsome stranger, Andrew falls head over heals for his slutty, punk, eventually-boyfriend. Elio quickly becomes his greatest muse, but wil...
The Child of Demonic Cultivation  by Dazzling_Dancer
The Child of Demonic Cultivation by Cyrus
Jin Ling x Original Character A fanfic about the book Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (Mo Dao Zu Shi) Follows the life of a nonbinary/trans masc child that was rais...
dottore my beloved| a dottore oneshot dump by catboyvoid
dottore my beloved| a dottore hemlock
no plot just oneshots and headcanons, all gender neutral or transmasc/male reader! all of these are secretly just me x dottore oneshots that i make accessible to my fel...
The Vigilante by StaticBroadcast
The Vigilanteby StaticBroadcast
Aaron Walker. A Screwfix employee. A D.I.Y worker. A Vigilante. After uncovering a group of criminals, Aaron with his boyfriend Paul and a third helper go on a blood soa...
Regulus Black's Love |Year 2 SECOND BOOK| (Jegulus) by simpforMauraders
Regulus Black's Love |Year 2 DumbTeenBoy
This is the second book in the series. Year 1 is of course the first one. Starts summer before 2nd year. Walburga found out about Regulus dating James, and it does not g...
[ON HOLD] Lonely Together// Kit Connor X transmasc!reader by m0th0id
[ON HOLD] Lonely Together// Kit Asher<3
nobody else has made it yet so i will take it into my own hands ------------------------------ as i'm sitting by myself at this stupid party, i feel a hand brush up agai...