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The Popstar & Me by KateLorraine
The Popstar & Meby Althea Liu
Would you fake-date a popstar to get into Harvard? Sara Wang travels from New York City to Shanghai before her senior year to take a class in Eastern Medicine. Her paren...
Ocean In My Heart  (Completed) by ailovexiaowang
Ocean In My Heart (Completed)by meenaww 21
The age gap becomes an obstacle between us. I know he likes me, but he is in denial. He says "I'm not a pedophile. I will only play with a person who has reached a...
Reunite by hmcrae558
Reuniteby McRae
When Fei goes to Paris with Marinette, Adrien convinced his father to let her stay with them, but once Fei has arrived, Nathalie realizes that Fei was her daughter. ONLY...
A Girl? [BEING REWRITTEN ATM] by ilysfmoxx
Marinette enjoyed her time in Shanghai but sadly she needed to go back to Paris. Which means she had to say goodbye to her uncle and her new friend, Fei. Luckily the two...
Homecoming | The Punisher by EndlessImagination
Homecoming | The Punisherby EndlessImagination
(Marvel's The Punisher Fanfiction) The question: to what extent will one go for their family? When news spreads to New York of a source with incriminating evidence to ta...
Three friends travel to a temple to ask Buddha for more wealth, love and good fortune. Featured humor story, and 2016 winner of a Watty.
Miraculous World: Shanghai The Legend of Ladydragon  by CourtneyStoker96
Miraculous World: Shanghai The CourtzStoker1996
When Scarlet gets a letter from her grandma in Shanghai, she immediately wants to meet her as the woman is the only connection to her mother. But in Shanghai, her grandm...
Unwanted (AMBW love interest story) by tyaira16
Unwanted (AMBW love interest story)by Ty
All Ty ever wanted was to make it in life while having a strong, Black educated man beside her to support her dreams. The only thing Ty wants more than those two things...
Shanghai's Elite by imjustcoollikethat
Shanghai's Eliteby imjustcoollikethat
Welcome to the city of Shanghai. A world of designer clothes, chauffeurs, lavish parties, and juicy scandals. Ever since the Chinese economic boom, rich foreigners have...
My Love from the Emirates (A Fazza Fan-fiction) by Zenobia_Dan
My Love from the Emirates (A Zenobia_Dan
She, the daughter of Chinese billionaire The only "princess" in her dad's eye He, the crown prince of Dubai He has real responsibilities towards his people. Bu...
Live Spectacle Naruto ~Akatsuki No Shirabe / Song Of The Akatsuki~ by sitnurshafad
Live Spectacle Naruto ~Akatsuki ShaSya Adrianna
Welcome to find this book. This is dedicated to all Naruto fans! If you had watched Naruto Shipuuden, I'm sure you'll love to know more about Live Spectacle version of N...
Everything or Nothing ! ( AMBW ) by tyaira16
Everything or Nothing ! ( AMBW )by Ty
If anyone would've told Ty a year ago that she would've fell in love with a Chinese man, got married, and would be imprisoned in a glorious Grecian mansion by a mafia bo...
Dancing Meteors (Meteor Garden 2018) (On Hold) by MakeAnImpactOnYou
Dancing Meteors (Meteor Garden MakeAnImpactOnYou
Returning to Shanghai, Prisha wasn't expecting to have the famous F4 members, specifically Ah Si Daoming, to disrupt her flow. Juggling between university, jobs, career...
Bitcoin Clowns by vannchow
Bitcoin Clownsby Vann Chow
***#1 Amazon Hot New Release (June 2018)*** Set in Shanghai, China, the home of the world's largest cryptocurrency trading platform and the 6th largest cryptocurrency in...
The Animaniacs' Adventures of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom by SonicJohnz924
The Animaniacs' Adventures of John Andrews
The First Story of two new Series: "The Animaniacs Adventures", and "The Animaniacs and Indiana Jones". If Adventure Has a Name... it must be Indiana...
My new Mandarin Teacher by alina_16022000
My new Mandarin Teacherby Alina
After Marinette says something pretty awkward in front at her uncle's birthday dinner in Shanghai, Adrien offers to teach her Mandarin. Marinette sees it as a perfect op...
The Moon on a Frozen Lake by MeiSummer
The Moon on a Frozen Lakeby Meixia (美夏)
Jihoon hasn't slept well in years. Not since he survived the accident that killed the woman he loved. Yingyue never leaves her house. Not since her parents died in a ca...
Des Mots Doux by anointedlily17
Des Mots Douxby NellieEllie
The way he remembered her was always of soft touches and soft words
Read my mind by Not_Sam2427
Read my mindby Not_Sam
When John realises his boyfriend is beginning to drift away after a seemingly 'normal' business trip.He wonders what could be making the love of his life so distant? Lit...
Mademoiselle by Neurasthenic
Mademoiselleby No Name
She really likes how Hideko purse her lips in annoyance. It was only a short time since they met but she already had grown a liking on annoying Hideko. Maybe because she...