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Unbridled Medical Expert Consort: Demon Prince, Be Good by Jaimelyn_1995
Unbridled Medical Expert Jaimelyn♥
(Not Mine) She is the underworld Ghost Doctor's only disciple, who accidentally transmigrated into the body of the main wife's daughter in the general's mansion. She use...
Between Roses ✓ | wonderland-inspired by TheTigerWriter
Between Roses ✓ | Enna L. Foxwood
After tragedy, Eryn Kingsly finds an old bracelet that transports her to a strange world called Underland. The Red Queen, then the White Queen, both equally insane, want...
The Royal Misfit! by thebwoodgirl
The Royal Misfit!by Mrs_SidMalhotra
A common girl who happens to be the friend of a daughter of a royal family came in to the palace, for the royal wedding of her bestfriend. Meeting the prince, her friend...
Twins by HoplessAtLife
Twinsby Hoplessssssss
Maice and Mia We're Twins, But not your everyday twins, they were Werewolf Mage twins. and They Had Mates, But We're they twins like the ledgend? ●●● Maice ,Long Brown...
Happiness is Attainable by jiteyikuku
Happiness is Attainableby jiteyikuku
Miah is broken, hurt, and unwanted. But will meeting a new person in senior year change everything? Find out.
Rejects of Love by Jupiterxoxogosipp
Rejects of Loveby Jupiterxoxogosipp
When two broken heart, Ansley Azura and Roman Bardulou, meet, they choose to become a public item and get revenge on there long term exes. But what happens when things...
Yeah we're just "friends" by SiimplyDreamy
Yeah we're just "friends"by SiimplyDreamy
Nick(Sapnap) and Karl meet in school! They become best friends and have a sleepover, little do they know they become lovers in no time..
The duke's forgotten daughter by Emmy_Bookworm
The duke's forgotten daughterby Zemmy
Hello! My name is Kira Lacouts, and I've been throught two car crashes. The sencond one kills me but I meet my fated person. I get reincarnated because my fated person a...
Friend Relationship by linamaryam_
Friend Relationshipby linamaryam
I don't know why you make me cry?
my roomate (ReaderXTae-hyung,suga) by NekannaKoychan
my roomate (ReaderXTae-hyung,suga)by ♡ChOoChIe MaN♡
must be 13 an up to read this. this is like a kdrama or a bts story ff and also a bts love story with suga and taehyung.
Daniella  by pweetywunmie
Daniella by pweetywunmie
Daniella Edwards;a determined 18 years of age college student.She is traumatized because of an unfortunate incident that happened a fortnight before her 4th year birthda...
Sarcasm  by HoplessAtLife
Sarcasm by Hoplessssssss
THIS IS A COMMENT RP! •●•●•●•●●●••●•••●●●○• I look at him dumbfounded. "Suuurrreee I'm just gonna say yes to Christopher. And I only just met him 3 weeks ago! And I...
Finding Kylo by MxVxHxS
Finding Kyloby MxVxHxS
Teenager Delilah Woods is in her last year of highschool when an unexpected and untimely tragedy hits her family. The the entire Woods' family takes it hard, Delilah is...
A HISTÓRIA DO AMOR by carvalhospecter
A HISTÓRIA DO AMORby carvalhospecter
Always Us by codycheeseman1
Always Usby Cody Cheeseman
A girl that isn't popular in school(Cody).. attracts attention by a wild black horse that is stabled at rosewood stables. Causing chaos, mean girl( leading champion winn...
More Than Words [BxB] by deep_end1
More Than Words [BxB]by deep_end1
Tommy Hayes is a movie nerd while Ben Hart is a popular high school soccer player. One of the few things the two have in common would be their unresolved traumatic pasts...
Snow In The heart by linamaryam_
Snow In The heartby linamaryam
hatinya sedingin salju akan bertahan sampai tahap mana
To Proud by Broken_Soul_Of_City
To Proudby Broken Soul of City
Miakota Misea Tawnya, a Native American women, rebellious as can be, and is proud. To Proud. She doesn't understand that you have to trade your glory for beauty sometime...