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Devil Town | Ateez by johnnys_wig
Devil Town | Ateezby missingateez24/7
Summoning a demon gone wrong for all the right reasons. _________________________________________ Follow up to the story/pre-quel Haunted A WooSan Fanfic but a lot of...
Haunted | WooSan (Prequel) by johnnys_wig
Haunted | WooSan (Prequel)by missingateez24/7
At Yunho's Halloween party Wooyoung and Yeosang warned the other's not to play with an Ouija board but did they listen? HELL NAH _______________________________________...
My Demon (Jungkook Fanfic) by -JiminPabo
My Demon (Jungkook Fanfic)by Jimin got no Jams
"I'm a demon, you can't love me" "But you're my demon. And I'm never leaving you." -DISCONTINUED-
Demons | Ateez by johnnys_wig
Demons | Ateezby missingateez24/7
"DEMMMAANS" - In Shane Madej's voice Sequel to Devil Town
The Darkest Past by 12food4ever
The Darkest Pastby 12food4ever
Laias life changed when her best passed away. Well not just her life..her whole self. But when she starts being haunted by ghosts and a voice inside her starts speaking...
A sort of scary Sonic.exe story by KittyKoopaling
A sort of scary Sonic.exe storyby Sami Stalzer
The title says it all. This is a sort of scary sonic story. And there's a script. That no one follows. BE PREPARED FOR CRINGE!!!
Reunion by JellyTotsss
Reunionby JellyTotsss
After 15 years, 6 childhood friends are reunited one Saturday morning. How far will they go to save themselves? This is a SHORT STORY I wrote for my English class. It is...
How to Make Corpse Party NOT Scary by shdjsosnlslcndosns
How to Make Corpse Party NOT Scaryby shdjsosnlslcndosns
Corpse Party is most likely one of the most popular horror RPG games known to the anime world. It also has its own anime series, along with (of course) a manga series. A...
𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝔀𝓸𝓻𝓵𝓭 𝓲𝓼 𝓪 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓰𝓮.! (funtime foxy x female reader) by helaxdavid
𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝔀𝓸𝓻𝓵𝓭 𝓲𝓼 𝓪 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓰 Fruity F.Foxy
This will be one of the best fanfics you'll ever read (No it won't be LMAO) My cousin wanted to make this so blame her if it's shit🥰 I have so much homework rn omg
The marauders : from the beginning  by KarlaMoore713
The marauders : from the beginning by KarlaMoore713
From 1st year to their last this is the mauraders story All characters belong to jk Rowling 🖤 If something doesn't make sense comment and I'll fix it 🖤
DNM-37 by BookWormConfirmed
DNM-37by BookWormConfirmed
I wrote this story when I was 12. It's placed in the year 3475. It's a very good story. Don't judge it because of the author's age. It's quite short. About 10 pages. It...
Would You Believe It? by DrewBane
Would You Believe It?by DrewBane
As a sophomore I thought I had it all figured out but then I met Evelyn and all that changed. Suddenly my life was all about her until everything was ruined by reality T...
Waves of Nightmares by CountryGirlRia
Waves of Nightmaresby abcria
A story about a girl who has nightmares about her future. They only get worse...and worse....and worse. She soon finds out a mysterious thing about her nightmares. They...
Psycho classmate  by ML69XD
Psycho classmate by Megan Lau
There was a new boy coming to this school. But nobody knows he was a psycho. So this happened ...
The Ghost in My House by noonjabean
The Ghost in My Houseby noonjabean
There was a murder years and years ago. Only now is the ghost has been noticed and they need to figure out how to set him free.
Random Horror Stories that aren't that scary (Unless you are under 10) 2 stories by Colby_Christian14
Random Horror Stories that aren' Colby_Christian15
2 in 1 #1): Olivia takes a walk in the woods and gets kidnapped and later on her parents get held for ransom. #2): A family gets killed except for one person and then la...
Jen The Killer by jenthekiller1666
Jen The Killerby jenthekiller #girl version of...
Uh....hi im jen the killer....screw you jeff the killer