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Memory || ATEEZ by llixxieeee
Memory || ATEEZby chacha
HIGH SCHOOL AU "How the hell am I supposed to go home?" She frantically asks him, tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. The boy paused. He looked over hi...
MORGAN UNIVERSITY : The Grim Reaper by belindaasiella
MORGAN UNIVERSITY : The Grim Reaperby Belinda Asiella
The Black Falcon's are living a "quiet" life in Morgan University. Not until someone showed up at the entrance exam that looked exactly like their dead friend...
SugarCOAT by CharactersHere
SugarCOATby SLF Entertainment
Jamie has it all - depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and a hate for her endless acne. With no friends, a distant family, and a nonexistent love-life, Jamie has made...
✿Finding Amara ✧ by Nonoprincesa
✿Finding Amara ✧by Nonoprincesa
Serenity is an ordinary innocent girl who loves her mother more than anything. She's 15,but she doesn't like parties,boys and other things that teenage girls like. She's...
Ophuthis: Unfaltering Fidelity by MadeByVil
Ophuthis: Unfaltering Fidelityby VilDominic
Demise and Despair, spoke the World. Aided by the Tribulation and Tartarean of Reality. Knowing that, Persistence and Tenacity, the people still professed notwithstand...
Death is a precious gift by jayisthenichname
Death is a precious giftby Jay
A story of a suicidal boy after having diagnosed with bone cancer due his misdemeanor -- who was given a chance to correct his mistakes in the past.
Reborn in "the trash of the count's family" as a dragon.  by pastelcat6
Reborn in "the trash of the count' pastelcat
Klea was reborn as a dragon in the trash of the count's family univers what will happen? what will Klea do keep the plot or do something else? let's read to find out. An...
Only I know the end of this world. One day our MC finds himself stuck in the world of his favorite webnovel. What does he do to survive? It is a world struck by catastro...
The Reincarnators by NoteKing
The Reincarnatorsby Blank
Miyamoto Musashi, a famous samurai from the land of the rising sun, Japan was reincarnated to a world where humans, demi-humans, monsters, and demons exist. With the pow...
DAWN OF GLORY  by AlegriaDelAutor
DAWN OF GLORY by Alegría Del Autor
After selling his soul to Bildad the Shuhite, keeper, and ruler of the underworld for power and immortality, Lord Darius killed his father and ruled the middle land sinc...
Your Vanished Love - A Draco Malfoy Fanfiction (bxb) by miArtx
Your Vanished Love - A Draco M i a <3
Have you ever had the chance to go to Hogwarts at 16 years old? No? Neither had any person who went to Hogwarts before. Rules are rules. If you missed your chance at th...
To Be The Duke's Daughter//AU by MysticalAuthor103
To Be The Duke's Daughter//AUby Cxllis
Summary: After the tragic end of Kierra Parvis's life, she was given another chance to live the life she always wanted. Born in another country and into another family...
Witnessing Heaven And Earth by My_Heart_Is_Azure
Witnessing Heaven And Earthby I Like Webnovels
I Don't Want This Reincarnation  by wejuan
I Don't Want This Reincarnation by wejuan
NOT MY TRANSLATION, FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE Author(s) 차선 CREDITS:Reader Stream for the amazing translation. I had a supporting role in a modern fantasy. The loyal dog of a...
God Messed up so I got Reincarnated by CharlotteYuki
God Messed up so I got Reincarnatedby Madam Charing
A girl who is offered a chance in a new world by the mistake of a god. What will this new adventurous life lead to?!
Cult of the Glass crows by Demidude-mothbox
Cult of the Glass crowsby Felix
The tale of a commoner thief trying to become a writer, intertwined with that of others as they try to stop a cult from bringing both nature and their town to ruin.
The Survival of an Inferior by STakeshi
The Survival of an Inferiorby S. Takeshi
Samuel stares at the bloody battlefield beyond him. A second ago, he was in his room and the next, he is in this foreign world. ...
When Two Hearts Snyc  by Cameron_ethel
When Two Hearts Snyc by Cameron_ethel
Hello friends, this is Cameron. And as for this book, it's a collection of several BL stories from all genres. So feel free to read sweet, lovely BL stories and sometime...
saw you in my memories  by IshikaAdhikari3
saw you in my memories by Ishika Adhikari
Susanne was a normal girl living her ordinary life until one day her grandmother unfortunately passed away . She was found dead in her basement . Though the police offic...
it's your 19th birthday and you're sadly alone at home and you've decided to watch a series on Netflix The Umbrella academy. What will happen if you blow out your candle...