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I Want To Find The Truth by LazuliiVibes
I Want To Find The Truthby Elise
Human Carys Solace ventures with her vampire boyfriend Zephyr Halifax and a couple of trusted friends- Human Edith Fernsby and Werewolves Constance and Hunter Silverback...
The Riddler Down Mors Lane by IWriteStoriesThatsIt
The Riddler Down Mors Laneby Mika
"When nearby flowers shrivel and dry, You'll know that The Riddler of Mors lane is nearby!" When five opposite teenagers living on Mors Lane find the same rhym...
The Reprisal | ✍  by thewritingcelestial
The Reprisal | ✍ by lois 🌞
✨Featured in AmbassadorsNG reading list - 26/11/21✨ ✨Featured in StoriesUndiscovered reading list - 1/02/22✨ Adah Kingsley's world was fractured when her best friend, No...
I saw a short film from Pakistan drama cannot recall the name as its quite long backa and just couldn't stop myself from picturizing our beloved, our sexy our so so hot...
Daddy pig x Reader part 2 by daddypiggylover
Daddy pig x Reader part 2by JJ
After the murder of Y/N and the police unable to figure out what happen they decide to contact N/Y the most famous detectiv along side their secret agent mommy sheep and...
NOW IT'S YOUR TURN  by DodoCoco4
NOW IT'S YOUR TURN by Tahmid Ahmed
What if there is a psycho killer in your neighborhood and the killer is roaming around your house? What if your friendly neighbor is a cannibal?How will it feel and what...
Epiphany  by Lilliili
Epiphany by Lilli
A young girl the age of 19 discovers she has a strange ability of telekinesis. She meets a friend named Alex along the way, Alex isn't normal either. They work together...
Your Vanished Love - A Draco Malfoy Fanfiction (bxb) by miArtx
Your Vanished Love - A Draco M i a <3
Have you ever had the chance to go to Hogwarts at 16 years old? No? Neither had any person who went to Hogwarts before. Rules are rules. If you missed your chance at th...
The Nightcrawler by Kakaboos
The Nightcrawlerby Katherine
In which a young assassin has to deal with the pitfalls of high school while unraveling the mystery of her small town. For the best experience, read in dark mode with T...
Reincarnation: A BEAST AND A BITCH IS AWAKE  by goldenShcamFeisty
Reincarnation: A BEAST AND A Geraldine's warrior's
She was one of the successful women in the Philippines and was the most respected in the underground world, and she is the granddaughter of the president of the country...
The rainy day we met [On Hold] by Bluenight456
The rainy day we met [On Hold]by Bluenight456
Summer Sota is a abuse gifted girl with abilities to heal or break the mind of someone an she can also send people to the shadow realm if she had to. One night Summer w...
Mistaken Identity by heartstring23s
Mistaken Identityby heartstring23s
Two Arianna. One child. Twin sisters. Entangled in a cruel fate and immersed in a world beyond imaginable, one goes missing and the other, burdened to replace her. Ill...
renege, r lupin by vintagelcve
renege, r lupinby a.
─── 𝗥𝗘𝗡𝗘𝗚𝗘 status : on going remus lupin x oc marauders era ©vintagelcve
Mystery book  by HeatherIsFine
Mystery book by Tashi Bakugou
My next update will be at 10 views on the current chapter Also, I accidentally deleted the previous story, but his is the same story. No progress was lost luckily.
TWISTED~~death of a barbie by prestech20
TWISTED~~death of a barbieby prestech20
From being a disappointment, she grew up in her mother's loving arms until those arms were crossed forever From being a traumatic, lonely, used, and bullied girl she gr...
Ghost in the attack  by RavenBlack725
Ghost in the attack by Raven666
Sarah has just moved into her new house There's a noise coming from the attic With a strange smell, things moving on their own and distant growls heard. Sarah has only o...
A Ray of Hope  by Peace_omo_stories
A Ray of Hope by Peace U
I opened my eyes to see my childhood friend Kunle by my side as usual, with so much love and affection in his eyes but honestly I wish I didn't wake. I wish I was dead...
SidNaaz: Worst Betrayal Ever? by KashishNaaz
SidNaaz: Worst Betrayal Ever?by Allhamduillah
This story is based on my favorite novel 'Double Standards". I hope you'll enjoy reading this story in SIDNAAZ's version. The credit for this story goes to my favor...
Black Hood by HKMisawesome
Black Hoodby HKMisawesome
Ari, AKA The Black Hood, became an assassin at the young age of 15. Since then, she trained like her life depended on it - because it did - to become the assassin she is...
Karma by TabithaBramblett
Karmaby TabithaBramblett
The great war caused this, but, what is this exactly? May Lynn has spent her entire life being as an enforcer of the rules for the higher power. A higher power nobody th...