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Obsessed ( Completed ) by BornBroken423
Obsessed ( Completed )by BornBroken423
Lilly Rose was your typical high school teenager. She went to party's, she did her work, and she stressed over everything. She thinks that her life is completely normal...
Demented (Gravity Falls) by Rockytop767
Demented (Gravity Falls)by Rockytop767
Dipper Pines is sent to the small town of Gravity Falls for the summer. But little does he know is that Bill Cipher, a dream demon, has been watching him. When Bill jour...
Arranged Marriage ➣ (Zayn Malik.) by Malikgirl123
Arranged Marriage ➣ (Zayn Malik.)by M.S.
❝Well love, I hate you.❞ I smiled at him. ❝Good, Because I hate you more.❞ All rights reserved. © Copyright 2014 Malikgril123.
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Gone (TWAU) by madambigballz
Gone (TWAU)by "gentlemen don't succ cone"
Strange things have been happening in Fabletown as of late. Fables have been mysteriously going missing one by one and it's up to Bigby Wolf to find out who's behind thi...
Saving by ttblondie
Savingby Tere
"Right when I looked into those grey eyes of hers, I knew I was in deep" Astrid Elisabeth Grey kept to herself. Nobody talked to her, only her best friend Sara...
U.S Roadtrip by hellokitty808
U.S Roadtripby hellokitty808
All you have to know is in this book so start reading it now.
The Medallion by Jane_McLendon
The Medallionby Lexi_Fox
After finding a mysterious book in her now house Rose is thrown through time . With the help of the Guardians, trainers, and her new found friends. Rose must discover...
Never knowing by esmeralda_bc
Never knowingby Esmeralda
As a young girl Victoria never really know who she was. Her mother had passed away while she was still a little girl. Her father had raised her for a while till he got o...
Mysterious Creatures (Re written) by half-wolf-half-blood
Mysterious Creatures (Re written)by Chloe
Maxine, a 17 year old werewolf, gets banished from her pack for a mistake she made of trusting someone that she shouldn't of. The Order decides Maxine has to survive a s...
Seduced by Darkness by erikaashvini
Seduced by Darknessby erikaashvini
In a small village, east of England lies a dark, forbidden forest. Keira Ainsworth has always felt different, but soon finds out dark secrets about herself that leads to...
The dance by LovesToRead_2004
The danceby LovesToRead_2004
Merida and Oileene are so excited for this dance until...
Tell me now! by Honestly-Aunesty
Tell me now!by Honestly-Aunesty
Hi guys it's my first book in new so I hope you really enjoy it peace.☮.
Taken by datcrazygirl32
Takenby carmen
When a young girl in sweetwater goes missing nobody believes it. Its up to four teenagers to solve the mystery. Solve it, before its too late.
The Lost Boy  by aiden4781
The Lost Boy by aiden4781
One day a boy is walking down a road while this black van passes him while the passenger staring at him very curiously and they boy sees him around a lot and finally he...
family secrets  by cupcake4355
family secrets by cupcake4355
once was a young girl who's father died with Many secrets some really big and some worth a Fortune . people were trying to kill this girls family because of those secret...
Goodbye by inloveana
Goodbyeby tati
a 17 year old girl, falls a little to helplessly for a 22 year old boy and has no idea what she has gotten herself into when he disappears from her life without saying a...
World War 3 (Red Blood Series) <Discontinued> by JustChillz911
World War 3 (Red Blood Series) by MentallyChillYT
When North Korea had enough of the threats the start to fight back. A kid who happens to get caught up in it finds out that his best friend has been keeping a lie from...
BTS shortfics by Bangtan_storytime07
BTS shortficsby Bangtan_storytime07
Short stories linked to photos I found of BTS I take no credit for the pictures, I just found them on Pinterest 🙃 The writing is all mine though🙂
Poetry  by _christine_diane_
Poetry by Christine Diane
All my original work. All my original thoughts.