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Im your APLHA and you are my OMEGA (ZHANYI FF) by WangYibo860
Im your APLHA and you are my WangYibo860
" Promise me Wang Yibo you will always be my Omega now and on the future" zhan said Wang yibo nod " mn" Zhan smile . "you lied to me, you broke...
After Divorcing The Scumbag, He Joined The Giants by Kessho_Yuki
After Divorcing The Scumbag, He Fuyu no Hana
Alternative Title : 和渣狗离婚后加入豪门 Author : 安曦 The whole world knows that Lin Luo loves Lu Yixuan's love to die and live, and does not hesitate to marry him. Medicine, in or...
Red String - ABO Au - Destiel and Michifer by Golden-Moose
Red String - ABO Au - Destiel Golden-Moose
The Alpha Crown Prince Michael of Heaven is due to be married to the oldest of the Winchesters, the younger, Omega Prince Dean of Earth. King John and Chuck are delighte...
Mafia Lovers  by taekook_lover9597
Mafia Lovers by An_Chu
Mafia ff top tae👆🏻 bottom kook👇🏻 Requested🎀 Mpreg🤰 #1 - toptae #2 - bottomkook
My Sin by bixbix767
My Sinby XxMeixiangxX
Liu Quiaqio, the Empress of the Jin Dynasty has given his heart, soul, and body to the emperor, he loved him to the point it exhausted him, but the cold emperor only had...
The story starts where Park Jimin was saled to Jeon Jungkook for one night stand. (Marriage FF) Top JK Bottom JM This book contains -Angst -fluff - smut -violence -m...
Huh? Father? [Taekook] by Ggukie_Tokki
Huh? Father? [Taekook]by 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
Taehyung meets a teenager who introduced himself as his son. He was so confused, if he's the father, then who's the other parent?
Supporting Role's Aura by Kessho_Yuki
Supporting Role's Auraby Fuyu no Hana
COMPLETED Alternate Title : 配角光环(穿书) Author : Tangerine Boat Ye You was one idle rich second generation, with good appearance and a large number of pursuers. He was amaz...
The Daily Life of a Wealthy Family with Children by WannaEatTofu
The Daily Life of a Wealthy WannaEatTofu
Title : 豪门生子日常 Jiang Zhuxin went to a bar to drink alone on the night of his unemployment. However, when he woke up from a hangover the next day, he found that he not on...
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Positive?! by inspiredprincess_
Positive?!by J 💎
High School student Mark Tuan gets accidently pregnant. [includes male pregnancy] Current rank: / in Fanfiction Highest rank: #12 in Fanfiction
My Vampire, And His Lies | taekookff  by MiracleHappiness7
My Vampire, And His Lies | Miracle💜
A world where vampires exists. And Kim Taehyung is one of them. Everyone knew that Kim Taehyung is a ruthless Mafia, Ceo. But no one thought he could be a vampire. He's...
 I BECAME HIS ZULU BRIDE by veronicadlamino
Ajax needed a change for a while being a billionaire is not easy with everyone throwing themselves at him . He decides he needs a vication so he takes one ...his destina...
If You Break My Heart I'll Date Your Father  by SelenaAnderso
If You Break My Heart I'll Date let me die tomorrow
Aaron Ambridge is the prodigal son of the Ambridge family. after being cheated on by his boyfriend of 2 years he then decided to get revenge by dating his dad.
A night fury's love boyxboy by kaylachloe
A night fury's love boyxboyby kayla
This is a story about hiccup and his beloved dragon, toothless. Where hiccup and toothless get stranded and hiccup turns into a dragon. Warning mpreg and bestiality
Rejected By The Prince | Ziall Mpreg  by LuvTVDand1D4Eva
Rejected By The Prince | Ziall LuvTVDand1D4Eva
"I don't want you, you're a lousy servant. Hell, I want you to die. Why would I want you? You're fat, ugly and a disgrace to the werewolf kind. YOU'RE A DOG!" ...
Marrying My Ex's Uncle (Transmigration) by WannaEatTofu
Marrying My Ex's Uncle ( WannaEatTofu
Title : 嫁給前任他叔[穿書] Author : 簡容 Bai Qing, as the son of his benefactor, was adopted by the Qin family. He was arrogant and unruly. He couldn't do anything but a face...
Unlooked-For by IleySparke
Unlooked-Forby ~IleySparke~
Jungkook. A pure blood. A mateless alpha with a ten year old son. He is cold and cruel just like fate had been to him. He didn't believe in love and mates because these...
Puffed-up after Giving Birth to a Wealthy Man's Heir ( Rebirth ) by kimrokso_o
Puffed-up after Giving Birth to yson
COMPLETED EDITED MTL Author: Tangerine Boat Status: Completed ( 94 Chapters + 1 Extra ) Raw Link: DESCRIPTIO...
End Times  by LiannQ
End Times by LiannQ
Title: 全球大旱 Author: On Yantai Mountain (砚台山上) Status: 45 Chapters (Ongoing) Introduction: Jiang Yu is reborn. In the eleventh year of the last days, he died, but lived a...
All Bark, No Bite [Jacob & Edward] by HumbleYoSelf
All Bark, No Bite [Jacob & Edward]by HumbleYoSelf
Edward finds Jacob alone in the woods. Warning: This is probably gonna be mpreg, m'dudes...maybe even a lil crack.