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Obsession [PART 1] by ilykimddeonu
Obsession [PART 1]by ilykimddeonu
How did a hug start it all? All he wanted to do was to help the latter calm down. He doesn't know how he ended up in this cycle of fighting and forgiving, scaring and be...
The Puppeteer's Puppet [Scaramouche x Reader] by Susp3nCe_ASP
The Puppeteer's Puppet [ !!Aspen!!
Living a life where you're constantly being picked on by the most feared boy in school. So wonderful, isn't it? However, there's locks only you have the key to, to find...
Sin and Obsession by Lustvibing
Sin and Obsessionby Lustvibing
"Why do you provoke me Rose," he said "Do I need to bury myself deep in your cunt to remind you who you belong to" His voice laced with lust his ha...
My Sadistic Mate by yimarin
My Sadistic Mateby Popcorn Demon
Alana found her mate, A wonderfull love story, Or so it seemed As soon as she moved in with her mate, his red flags started showing, And everything went downhill. If Ty...
Break Free (boyxboy) by willieverupdate
Break Free (boyxboy)by willieverupdate
This is a story about manipulation. Jayden Crew was a 16 year old boy who resided in St. Louis, Missouri. He wielded sarcasm like a sword as a defense mechanism to his...
ONLY ME. (deaf! Y/N X Yandere Males) by etherealsickness
ONLY ME. (deaf! Y/N X Yandere etherealsickness
Starting a new school is nerve-wracking, terrifying even. Being deaf makes it even harder. Luckily, a group of boys take interest in you. A bit too much interest.
The Psychopath (Dark Romance) | 18+ |✓ by kemmyd
The Psychopath (Dark Romance) | kem|Books
"Run rabbit, run" He is a monster, a psychopath. He was the predator and I was the prey. I had gotten the attention of the devil himself. He is Eros Des'ai...
Tainted  by GalacticComet
Tainted by GalacticComet
His paintings were worshipped all around the globe . They were unlike anything seen before . No one knew how to replicate his technique or even his paintings. He was a...
Amber Eyes by cellyoursoull
Amber Eyesby 𝐫𝐞𝐝
When Harley Kingsley is accepted into Redville, one of the most well known and competitive schools in the world, with unbelievably high scores, she ends up attracting th...
𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐎𝐌 by wildshitilike
A mafia leader was born to fight, to protect. Trapped in a horrifying place called mind. Drowning deeply in thoughts and wonders, never leaving his path, setting aside q...
Imperfection by jackson_terrance
Imperfectionby Jackson Terrance
Life is supposed to be treasured. Life is supposed to be a gift. Life is supposed to be perfect. But in an imperfect world, how can anyone find something to make life wo...
Cote- True conquer -Classroom of the elite ,oc by latheef34
Cote- True conquer -Classroom of latheef shaik
Akira Fukuhara is a cold-hearted boy who has little concern for others and crushes those who will stand in his way mercilessly. He won't care about the fact that the opp...
BLUE BLOOD by basylysk
BLUE BLOODby evelyn
Blue Blood [ˈblo͞o bləd]: of noble birth. Queens Erlington Academy is known for its stature, social hierarchy, and secrets... especially its secrets. Vesper Du Sang, hei...
Lost | Tom Riddle ✔ by _nomad_
Lost | Tom Riddle ✔by नोमॅड
"Sweetheart, you are the badger, I am the snake, but in this chase, I am the predator and you are my prey." With that he moulded their lips together, sealing...
A Crashed Wedding (C!Dream/Wilbur x Reader) by rileyowrites
A Crashed Wedding (C!Dream/ riley
y/n was the girlfriend of the president of l'manberg, Wilbur Soot. On the day of their wedding, Dream crashed it and takes y/n as prisoner.
Reckless [✓] (Boyxboy) by clarecassidy
Reckless [✓] (Boyxboy)by Clare Cassidy
*currently editing* Two boys. Two different schools. One game. One goal. Life was easy when you were considered high school royalty but when you get rivalry on the field...
Time Is Life by Ivyfrost-the-warrior
Time Is Lifeby Ivyfrost-the-warrior
It's been about four years since the war against Voldemort ended during Harry's seventh year at Hogwarts. Now as the fourth year comes to a decline he has nothing left t...
Professional Stand-in, With an Hourly Salary of 100,000 by ZelineJohnson
Professional Stand-in, With an Zee
Author: Yuan Yao Ji Fanyin realized when she moved that she is a substitute, a substitute for her younger twin sister, Ji Xinxin. "Of course, I could be her success...
Rules to Feeling Lonely by LoveForPie7
Rules to Feeling Lonelyby LoveForPie
Alone. A simple word that has always held many meanings to Ella, and starting her senior year at a new high school, solitude had seemed the easiest way to go. A week p...
Frigid | Dream x Reader by FlammaLupum
Frigid | Dream x Readerby Flamma Lupum
"You can't be serious." "If you ever set foot in the Dream SMP, or any of its surrounding countries, you will be executed." "Why keep me here? W...