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Big Bro Loud by Davis5583
Big Bro Loudby Davis
Oc Big brother Lucas Loud how will his appearance in the loud universe change things.
LOUD IN THE FOUNDATION (ft THE_13_CLUB) by demonicwritins73
LOUD IN THE FOUNDATION (ft THE_13_...by demonicwritins73
What if Lincoln didn't lie about having badluck to have time for himself, but to have time for a certain foundation. I didn't work on this story by myself I got help fro...
Wow...Boys. (Loud House Genderbent x Reader) by xXxAymaxXx
Wow...Boys. (Loud House Genderbent...by xXxAymaxXx
A failing student? A tutor? Ten Boys? What could go wrong?? Well...Take a wild guess.
11 Ghouls, Louder Than Ever! - Loud House by Reomatic
11 Ghouls, Louder Than Ever! - Lou...by ReoTheWolf
It all started when Lincoln saw a mysterious thing that crashed over their backyard, he came as fast as he could, he fainted when he touched that thing.. Will he wake up...
Army Boy by NotyourBusiness367
Army Boyby Not your Business
Lincoln disappeared. The Loud Family is devastated and they would give anything to bring him back. Unfortunately they wish bring back to life some secrets they will regr...
Loud house Gender Bent one shots by Black_Knight131
Loud house Gender Bent one shotsby Grae
Requests are welcome. It's basically you and anyone in the loud house. Gender bent or not None of the characters belong to me
Moonlight fangs by dce1002
Moonlight fangsby dce1002
After loud family discovers lincoln a vampire he leave royalwoods not before turning luna into a vampire. She goes through the process of transforming into a vampire. Wh...
The Loudest Of Them All - (Discontinued) by ZexyZane
The Loudest Of Them All - (Discont...by xXZexyZaneXx
The Loud House gets louder. With a long-lost member, How will the Loud Family react to this sudden revelation? Join the misadventures of the Loud Family as they tackle u...
Wolver-loud (A loud house/X-men crossover) by omegacrow-nexus
Wolver-loud (A loud house/X-men cr...by omegacrow-nexus
During a fight with his older sister lori, lincoln's claws come out and he brutally injures her. He runs away but was caught by lynn and luna, who were born with these p...
The strongest family (Loud House NSL x High school dxd) by Red16dragon
The strongest family (Loud House N...by Red16dragon
After the events of NSL Lincoln leaves Royal Woods along with Lily in hopes of a better future, but what he didn't know was that Tiamat the dragon queen was watching him...
Enough (Loud House Fanfic) by BunionBoy301
Enough (Loud House Fanfic)by BunionBoy301
Lincoln is tired of being pushed around and being abused by his family, and now, he is deemed bad luck, once again. He is bullied at school because of them, neglected at...
A New Addition | A Loud House Fanfic by SteveIsARetard
A New Addition | A Loud House Fanf...by TheFlamboyantFlame
Since I don't like writing descriptions I'll get to the point quickly. Basically Rita and Lynn Sr. want to adopt, and you can figure out the rest on your own
Toonville High School (Cartoon Harem) by KingCeeDee1
Toonville High School (Cartoon Har...by KingCeeDee1
When CeeDee Rose moves into Toonville he joins Toonville High School which was a popular school but he quickly becomes one of the most popular students while he is also...
The Loud House - My Little Beloved Demon by MetalSoul7
The Loud House - My Little Beloved...by MetalSoul of the Unknown
When everyone in the house forget about Lucy's birthday, the emo gets really sad and tries to avoid everyone for good. While Lincoln tries to get the answers for : Why i...
the loud ghost. TLH by Wolfzero1
the loud ghost. TLHby Wolfzero1
(Special THANKS To NEWCHELSSICACC, FOR MAKING THE COVER FOR THE STORY, PLEASE SUPPORT HER PROFILE AND STORIES.) (: a young boy was took away from his love ones, a boy we...
The American Dragon Warrior (Kung Fu Panda x TLH) by Lance1889
The American Dragon Warrior (Kung...by Lance1889
I own nothing but the idea. Loud House belongs to Chris Savino for Nickelodeon and Kung Fu Panda belongs to DreamWorks. Lincoln hits a bad part in his life, his bullies...
One-Punch Linc (One Punch Man x Loud House, Reboot) by Lance1889
One-Punch Linc (One Punch Man x Lo...by Lance1889
The Loud parents and Sisters gain powers from one of Lisa's experiments blowing up, Lincoln was away on a trip with Clyde, so while his family became heroes like many ot...
The Pokémon House: Disaster Version by RogueShadow77
The Pokémon House: Disaster Versionby RogueShadow77
Shunned by his family, believing his lies about being a curse, Lincoln embarks on a new grand adventure...
Lincoln meets Neko emo  by Liltwan47
Lincoln meets Neko emo by Liltwan47
Lincoln meet a emo named Neko their they hang out then became friends but will sparks fly or will a certain jealous emo stop them