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Impossible by PopTarts17
Impossibleby PopTarts17
It's 1940, and the Nazis have thickened the laws against the Jews. However, this Jew is different. Her name is Marie and the most unlikely thing happened, she fell in lo...
Life of The Prophet Muhammad by Okan_Inanc
Life of The Prophet Muhammadby Okan
Life of The Prophet Muhammad and sunrise of İslam religion God had created Prophet Adam, the father of humanity. Prophet Adam looked up and saw a name written in the sky...
High Noon by grace_mendes_
High Noonby ✨Grace Mendes✨
It's in the midst of World War Two France joined England in the fight against Nazi, Germany. Slowly though the adrenaline of hope that they all had disappeared until the...
A Christian Romance II by NissaRogers
A Christian Romance IIby Nissa Rogers
When Miriam and Adam met for the first time, the chemistry between them became something undeniable. They even had a long-distant relationship, but Adam called it a few...
Mamas Girl by JolineHarper123
Mamas Girlby JolineHarper123
Lindy and Melanie de Jongh are two sisters from Holland. When their parents are killed for hiding Jewish friends from the Nazis, the girls and their older brother, Marti...
Internment  by AugustLikeTheMonth
Internment by August
Reyna Feldman, a twenty year old Jewish girl from the tiniest of villages in France, is on the run. Captured by German soldiers while trying to escape over the boarder...
One Day In Budapest. A Thriller. by JoannaPenn
One Day In Budapest. A J.F.Penn
A relic, stolen from the heart of an ancient city. An echo of nationalist violence not seen since the dark days of the Second World War. Budapest, Hungary. When a priest...
GR: Grim and the Vampire by torncloak
GR: Grim and the Vampireby Sky Farron
Formerly best friends, Graham is now an outcast, and Drake is his worst nightmare. Dubbed "the Grim Reaper", he's the only one who can see the monster Drake ha...
A Girl in the Resistance by JolineHarper123
A Girl in the Resistanceby JolineHarper123
Rosa is a normal 14 year old piano player living in nazi occupied Denmark, with her mother and step-father. She and her best friends, Kristin and Freya, live a normal, a...
Hamburger Hamlet by mestrin
Hamburger Hamletby Michael Estrin
🍔🍔🍔THIS STORY IS COMPLETE 🍔🍔🍔 Noah Abelman should've read Hamlet. Because if he had done the homework, Noah might've been better prepared to understand his father'...
 The Many Realms: ANDROIDS  by readforevet
The Many Realms: ANDROIDS by readforevet
Set in a dystopian future, invaders from the moon have came to planet Earth and created Androids.Evil robots who like to cause havoc. the invaders are led by their Quee...
13 WINDOWS by seanfisher1
13 WINDOWSby Sean Fisher
Rupert Hilden is haunted by the image of a bald man he saw through his bedroom window as a child. 24 years later he sees the same man in a distant apartment window and...
The Truth About Love (Ethan Choi) (Chicago Med) by PerrieMckenzie
The Truth About Love (Ethan Choi) ☽Pez☾
A Israeli doctor decides to finally settle down in the Windy City itself, Chicago. With a dramatic start to her new job, the new doc faces the highest of highs and the l...
A Tale of Blood and Ink by _marmoris_
A Tale of Blood and Inkby 𝕸𝖆𝖘𝖍𝖆
❝ IN THE CLUTCHES OF HELL, HER LAST HOPE IS THE DEVIL HIMSELF ❞ When separated from their family, Hanna Cohen does everything to protect her little sister. In the concen...
Amit & Adam by SarahGarvey95
Amit & Adamby Sarah
Amit Gypps was just a normal high school girl, when the new politcal party, the Nazis came into power and began make life misery for the Jewish people in her community...
Jews Across the Border (Re-rewrite)- A Murder Most Unladylike fanfiction by Sapling_Writer
Jews Across the Border ( 🍂 Sapling 🍂
'Your goal is to hand out forged birth certificates and help Jewish people board boats that will take them to England.' Re-rewritten, because now I want it to fit into t...
Brothers Best Friend - Y/N Denbrough X Stanley Uris by ILoveBothStanleysTbh
Brothers Best Friend - Y/N 🌈🎈Jaeden🎈🌈
Y/N isn't your average girl, she has a stuttering problem, much like her twin brother, Bill. She had a little brother too, Georgie, but he's dead. Last year Bill fought...
The One Who Stole the Sky by WhiteRice1718
The One Who Stole the Skyby Umbrellas-n-Goldfish
*COMPLETED* "Liesel, what's the matter?" Max's concern was that of a mother's, so flat, but so serious. "Max, there is no one to thank left." Liesel...
suck it and see, j. goodman by pevcnsies
suck it and see, j. goodmanby alinah ⋆༄:✩
it's friday, i'm in love! friday night dinner s1 - jonny goodman x fem!oc cover ib heIIcats pevcnsies 2020