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Nap Queen by _ItsMaiya_
Nap Queenby Maiya Duck
Charming and elusive Evie Walker is certifiably the cutest girl at Somerset High, yet there is something off about her. Liam Davis is certifiably the hottest and most d...
TUBLR SEXYMEN LORE?!! (Or how William Afton fucked the entirety of Tumblr) by CaravanOfBones
TUBLR SEXYMEN LORE?!! (Or how Will...by Your Personal Hellverse
We decided to play Frantic Fanfict and came up with a (somewhat) cohesive storyline for our funny stories. So sit back, relax and enjoy the various misadventures of the...
Harvey goes to America by CaravanOfBones
Harvey goes to Americaby Your Personal Hellverse
In reality, Harvey was very contempt with staying in Germany, but circumstances (aka his friends) kinda forced him into the opposite - not staying in Germany! And thus...
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