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Tattoo Heartist *SLOW UPDATES* by iiLoveydoveii
Tattoo Heartist *SLOW UPDATES*by A N G E L
Ingrid Rodríguez A 20-year-old girl who knows almost to nothing of the outside world. Her strict parents made her see what they wanted her to see. They wanted her away...
Alexis Mathews is forced to marry the introverted Addy Mores ,the only daughter of Mores shipping Company. Frustrated with her closed off personality he finds comfort in...
In love with my husband by introvertGirl39
In love with my husbandby Shy Liar
"Is she your wife?" she asked hesitantly. "Yes", Avishek said no more. Is he not going to introduce me? I should leave. It's clear, they wanted to...
Textrovert  by hideinzshadows
Textrovert by Book_worm
[Completed] Textrovert(n.): a person who is expressive and funny in texts but shy in person. *Its 100% a dialogue story (texts and phone calls) except for the prologue a...
Smitten by Her by AnjG2001
Smitten by Herby AG
Anvika Bharadwaj, a 18 year old is an introvert yet confident girl who have just entered the college life. She is beautiful but broken inside.She is talented and intelli...
A Road To Felicity (Complete) by vision_studios
A Road To Felicity (Complete)by MK
Mehmel khan, a girl abandoned by her parents craves love but each time she gets disappointed until someone enters her life and gave her all the love which was snatched a...
The Love Of My Life by laila__here
The Love Of My Lifeby laila
I had only dreamed of the life I am living right now.I really turned out to be one of god's favourite kid. This is the story of how an incredibly shy and introverted pe...
LOVE OR ATTRACTION (Taekook or Jikook ff??/ Taewoo?)Completed ✔ by monikona87
LOVE OR ATTRACTION (Taekook or ℬ𝒶ℯ𝓀𝒽𝓎𝓊𝓃𝒾ℯ 𝓁ℴ𝓋ℯ𝓇᪥
❤ TAEKOOK OR JIKOOK??❤ Or TAEWOO ?? This story is of a beautiful friendship and a love story, suddenly one person questioned himself do I really love him or jus...
500+ Introvert Memes | ✍ by August_Parker
500+ Introvert Memes | ✍by .
Are you an introvert or do you just realize being around people is freakin' annoying? Either way you will relate to these hilarious memes in your own special way. Note:...
✓ catfish | yang jungwon by sunminty
✓ catfish | yang jungwonby korpio ✰
"you're my friend, you should be helping me when it comes to boys." "but it's cat-fishing..." ~Where Kwan Misun helps her so-called bestfriend get wi...
Broken Heart Syndrome by notnadjue
Broken Heart Syndromeby nadj
How does an eccentric like Win Metawin handle the reality of being in love with someone like Bright Vachirawit?
Sword Art Online Gameverse x Reader by Obahar_
Sword Art Online Gameverse x Readerby Obahar_
A gender-neutral Y/N is an introverted solo player who spends almost every moment they can grinding in the Fields of Aincrad. Y/N find themselves distancing further from...
Eliona's War 2: Veiled Healer by KurokageJS
Eliona's War 2: Veiled Healerby Alex J Wynter
Seth Veregin is Severance, and there used to be a clear line between reality and fantasy. What happens when that line starts to blur? ___ There's something wrong with El...
Introvert (Taekook) ✓ by Idkcallmeanything
Introvert (Taekook) ✓by Innocent Bean
What happens when an introvert is forced to socialize and ends up falling in love? *********** Main ship: Taekook Side ships: Yoonmin, Namjin Swearing Angst Fluff °°°°°°...
Percipience by Sonali61
Percipienceby Sonali61
Flirting with all the girls, taking the lead in every activity, wining against the competitive world was all he wanted. The only goal of her life was to be an amazing do...
Kidnapped On Her Own Terms by HKHarley
Kidnapped On Her Own Termsby HanISHA
#1 in hiddensecrets Sandra was kidnapped by a small gang, thats what she thought. The man behind the kidnapping is a mafia boss. But she was too calm for someone who is...
Notice [Lisa × Irene]✓ by KpopIdolFF2417
Notice [Lisa × Irene]✓by K.
She wants her to be notice by the girl she likes but what can she do for that girl to notice her?
Untainted Desires ✔ by khadyjatt
Untainted Desires ✔by Autan-mama📚
~BOOK 3 IN THE DESIRES SERIES~ STARTED. ON 20-JANUARY-2021 FINISHED. ON 15-OCTOBER-2021 #1 in mothers. On. 7-08-2021 #1 in introvert. On 16-06-2021 #4...
One True Liv (Liv Morgan x OC) by alexrelatado
One True Liv (Liv Morgan x OC)by Blisstradamus
Luke Ardiente, one of the biggest names in the Asian sports world signs with WWE and is a part of the SmackDown roster. His cold heart, serious lone wolf persona was fea...
My Bestfriend (Completed)  by hua_hua_98
My Bestfriend (Completed) by ℎ𝑢𝑎_ℎ𝑢𝑎_98 ✿
(YiZhan) ඔයාලට යාලුවෝ ඉන්නවද? අනිවාරෙන් ඇති. මේ ලෝකේ ඔක්කොටම වගේ යාලුවෝ ඉන්නවා. හොඳම යාලුවොත් ඉන්නවා. යාලුවෝ ඉන්න අයට පාලුවක් දැනෙන්නේ නෑ කියලා මං අහලා තියෙනවා. දන්නවද...