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Shadow in the North by EmMarlow
Shadow in the Northby Emma
What if a work of fiction wasn't fiction at all? What if we only thought it was fiction because it was written down, and we were separated from it by the page? Isabel Da...
How Far the World Will Bend by kleindog
How Far the World Will Bendby Nancy
After having her fortune told by a gypsy, Meg Armstrong moves through a mirror from 1920s England to 1850 Milton--and finds out she has stepped into the shoes of Margare...
Becoming Mrs. Thornton: A Sequel to North and South by JillEdwardsHughey
Becoming Mrs. Thornton: A Sequel Jill Edwards Hughey
If you loved the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's "North and South," then this sequel is for you. "Becoming Mrs. Thornton" picks up Margaret Hal...
Reputations - A North and South Fanfiction by beautiful_red_head
Reputations - A North and South beautiful_red_head
Reputations, like the delicate petals of a Helstone rose, are fragile things indeed... Upon discovering Margaret in the arms of an unknown man, John intervenes. How will...
A Heart for Milton by TrudysTattle
A Heart for Miltonby Trudy
When Margaret hastily rejected the wealthy industrialist's marriage proposal, she could not have foreseen the events that would lead her to change her mind and open her...
Margaret Hale & John Thornton by yamisan3210
Margaret Hale & John Thorntonby yamisan3210
As a homage to North &South (BBC 2004)** Why were you in Helstone?__ When Margaret asked John on the train, what would he answer? How about his mother? What of Higgins...
What You Wish For by CatWinchester
What You Wish Forby Cat Winchester
When Carrie Preston's favourite aunt dies she retreats into her favourite book, Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South, only to find herself suddenly stuck in that story and...
Not a Gentleman (North and South Fanfic) by tintinnabula
Not a Gentleman (North and South Tintinnabula
An alternate imagining of Mrs. Gaskell's story, assuming Margaret had been hurt more seriously on the day of the riot. Intertwines elements of both the book and the BBC...
A Misguided Mistake by darkpartofmydestiny
A Misguided Mistakeby Claudia Lomond
A mid-canon retelling of North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, based partially on the 2004 BBC mini-series. After an illicit encounter in Mr Thornton's study on the nigh...
Ms. Hale and Mr. Thornton  by dominehelena
Ms. Hale and Mr. Thornton by dominehelena
A short one shot and continuation of the story by Elizabeth Gaskell. This is my first time writing fanfiction after years of reading it. I might continue writing this st...
Speculation by Leah147
Speculationby Leah147
The speculation of 1851. It was hailed as a sure prospect, every cotton mill owner who invested was sure to succeed, but what it it failed? The city of Milton was soon t...
North And South √ (Project K.) by OttovBismarck
North And South √ (Project K.)by Project K
***All Credits To Elizabeth Gaskell*** When her father leaves the Church in a crisis of conscience, Margaret Hale is uprooted from her comfortable home in Hampshire to m...
What We Trade Our Hearing For (a North and South Story) by RiversOnFire
What We Trade Our Hearing For (a RiversOnFire
What if Margaret was an event photographer and John owned a concert venue? A modern AU story, set in the not-quite-current day United States. Starts with the beginning a...
What's a rose without its thorn? by HalinRoche
What's a rose without its thorn?by HalinRoche
Happens right after John Thornton tells Margaret Hale that his feelings for her are over. When he finally gets to know the truth, he repents. Will the two lovers get bac...
Bring The Heart To Earth by kleindog
Bring The Heart To Earthby Nancy
One day after her wedding, Margaret Thornton flees Milton and her husband. She regrets her hasty actions, but a series of mishaps and misunderstandings manage to keep th...
A Change Of Heart (North and South Fanfiction) by liegelady
A Change Of Heart (North and Arianna Luthien
Aurora Clarisse Edwards is sick and tired of dealing with her frustrated feelings. So when she gets an assignment to describe three things she would change about a class...
Mr. Thornton Blogs by CatWinchester
Mr. Thornton Blogsby Cat Winchester
These blogs are taken from and detail John and Margaret's married life and John's life before North and South. For more pictures, please...
It's over  by rgrace94
It's over by Ria
My ideas on the Gaskell storyline and where it's going to go, or where I hope it will go. Mainly focusing on Jac's part (of course) with a bit of everyone dotted about...
Foolish Passions: A North & South Variation by ElizabethHades
Foolish Passions: A North & ElizabethHades
If the missive had met its mark: What would have been if the stone had struck John Thornton instead of Margaret Hale on that fateful day at Marlborough Mills? An angst...