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Human to baby pokemon.✅ by The_Star_Rie
Human to baby pokemon.✅by Little Rie
The world has gone crazy, pokemon had it with trainers catching them and using them for sex or pets or for fighing there fights. They were done all the pokemon revolted...
Escaping The Mafia Boss by iinfinityy_starxoxo
Escaping The Mafia Bossby Lilac Addison
All rights reserved, please do not copy my book. *** Twenty-four year old Katerina's life is turned upside down when her birth family who labelled her a curse and tosse...
The Caged Bird by PSophieB98
The Caged Birdby LittleRose
She felt like a caged bird. A bird that was meant to fly the high, blue skies, but was trapped like a priced possession for her master to impress others with. ------- Av...
Misuim's FunLand by Totally_Not_Braydon
Misuim's FunLandby The_Bored_One27
Misuim, a slutty girl that just moved in town, wants to have some fun.
 The Mafia Obsession ✔️ by Zoejennie
The Mafia Obsession ✔️by Gran's Story Corner
Zoey Payson is a very beautiful 18 year old teenager who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She lives in a small apartment with her best friend Rachel Parks they both work in...
Daddy and Stockholm by Little-Girl-Online
Daddy and Stockholmby Annonymous
A girl so scared is taken from her family, he only wants to show her what life can be, a dangerous world full or fear, he's trapping her with gear. he likes her dependin...
The Mafia's Indian Bride by Thehardfaller
The Mafia's Indian Brideby Thehardfaller
The story revolves around Zoya and Renzo. Zoya Agrawal, is a coy, silent,innocent girl who abides by her parents rule and shakes her head to their will. Renzo Matteo De...
School Toy by jasmorris
School Toyby Jasmine Dia Morris
Read chapter 1 and you'll may or may not find my storyline interesting.
Monster You Made by Geniuswriting
Monster You Madeby YN
"You falsely accused me of rape right..." He paused before looking at me with a devilish grin. "Well I'll make your accusation true then!"
I Liked you better when you were a myspace whore by DreadfullyFrisky
I Liked you better when you were Sky
A collection of Adult stories. THIS IS EROTICA, kinky erotica at that. They are all fantasy stories, none of this is real and I do not condone doing anything non consens...
Angel by Kallia1210
Angelby Kallia1210
His name is Angel but his evil. At least this is what he is trying to seem. Sophia is an innocent girl. What will happened when the innocent Sophia tried to help 3 inno...
✨oneshots based off of various prompts✨ by Ratfromthedumpster
✨oneshots based off of various e
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Taken and Forced (ManxMan | DDLB) by SendMeN00dz
Taken and Forced (ManxMan | DDLB)by SendNoodzPlz
♥On a gloomy day, Daiki gets taken and forced to be a baby. Will he accept his fate and live life like a baby, or will he flee the mad man and go back to his 'ordinary'...
His obsession and Her tiny secret by babybunnydoll19
His obsession and Her tiny secretby babybunnydoll19
(NOT A DDLG STORY IT IS ONLY SFW AND AGE REGRESSION) Little bit about Bell and Lance:Bell is a 18 5'1 girl ,she weights 140 pounds , lance is 19 about to he 20 and is 6'...
My Husband by MissCherri
My Husbandby MissCherri
17 year old Lily-Ann made the crucial mistake of staying with her boyfriend when she was 16. She was young, yet her boyfriend being 25, but now has to endure the rape a...
The Scars of Revenge by OnlyYou4ever
The Scars of Revengeby OnlyYou4ever
After the death of his only brother, angry and vengeful Robert Martin is seeking justice for him. He kidnaps Kristine Hawthorne, the girl whom he believe was the reason...
His Love by Story_lover_Kuki
His Loveby Kuki
Raghav Singhania,a multi billionaire and most eligible bachelor of India.Girls are crazy to even look at him once.Have a cunning business man mind,can get anything by po...
His Cruel Game by heartofuntoldlove
His Cruel Gameby Lavender
Story of Vijay and Madhu... The one who knows only to destroy and one who knows only to heal others with love... What happens when the cruel fate makes them meet. Vijay...
THE DOOR by ADarts14
THE DOORby Ah Dan Ye
A very short random story.. ★ MENTION OF SENSITIVE TOPIC SUCH AS RAPE / SEXUAL ASSAULT ★ VULGAR WORDS ★ SELF BLAME ★ VIOLENCE Inspired from an FF I read once.