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Real Wife by inavapr
Real Wifeby inavapr
Arshi ff. NOT a show based story. peep in to know more. This work solely belong to med writer Arshi_siva. the credit for this belongs to her only. Any work similar to th...
Drunkard Becomes the Villain's Step Mother by LAmerica06
Drunkard Becomes the Villain's Ste...by LAmerica
Her name is Pacita. A dancer and a Harlot. She had all the alcohol in town and all of her customers are handsome and ,like her, they also like alcohol and wines. But win...
WALIJA (Completed)✔ by heemerh
WALIJA (Completed)✔by Hafsat Isa Mohammed
They were both forced into it... He was a drunkard... She was religious... What will happen when these two were forced to stay under the same roof? Will they be able to...
When love speaks, when love yearns for attention, when it crushes and intends to erupt out of the beholder's heart; Nothing could stop it, it looks onto nothing. Status...
Age Doesn't Matter but...Gender Does (Slash) (BoyxBoy) by mis4-2n8
Age Doesn't Matter but...Gender Do...by Mis4-2n8 D' Smooth Criminal (...
(New story XD) BL Stories -^o^- 13 stories inside and more to come (^o^)/ WARNING: IF YOU DON'T LIKE BOYXBOY better not to read it...Please don't hate boy love... Age i...
My Saviour (Eremin) by ThatKinkyChick
My Saviour (Eremin)by Ash
((MAY contain yaoi/lemon)) This is my first Eremin (Eren X Armin) fanfic so please comment what you honestly think of it, please! Btw in this fanfic Armin and Eren are 1...
Amanda the humble woman by Passionedtobe
Amanda the humble womanby Kerlyn Passionedtobe
This story is about an Adventist woman called Amanda Shaun. She was married to Kim Lee a CEO. Read and find out what happened to Amanda.
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Those Tears by UnknownMapleTree11
Those Tearsby TheCynicalHufflepuff
Just read it. It won't take long. I promise.
UNFORGETTABLE by anemesh11
Uhhh..well I'm pretty sure that you know what love is. This is just another example. Enjoy
A drunkard's duet with his love. by EsterBarn
A drunkard's duet with his love.by EsterBarn
A drunkard's duet with his love.
A New Twist of Fate by hanakim131
A New Twist of Fateby Hana
Poor, poor, Myra, she’s got quite a lot on her plate. Her abusive, drunkard, and a poor-accuse-of-a-father, her pitiful house wife mother, her short tempered runaway you...
Till death do us part by Isheeeeforlife
Till death do us partby nome de plume
"This is wrong!!" She yells as she tries to push him away with the little strength she has left. She should've run the first day she met him. In the back of he...
A DRUNKARD's INNER FEEL by AnnasThahirulla
A DRUNKARD's INNER FEELby Annas Thahirulla
It's a short stroy , based on true incident that happened in my life. It describes the worst face of this society and a true love of a father.
I... I... I Lov... Why The Fuck Can't I Say It To His Face?! (boyXboy) by XxXJamesCrossXxX
I... I... I Lov... Why The Fuck Ca...by XxXJamesCrossXxX
Another one of those cliché story about a guy who is in love with his best friend. A one shot story for those who enjoy light reading. Please spare me, English is not m...
Built For Blame by EverybodysFaveAuthor
Built For Blameby gayfortoast
Just a story about best friends.
When Time Abandoned Us by LittleGatsby
When Time Abandoned Usby LittleGatsby
It was finding hair in a stack of needles, it was wearing the most beautiful chiffon dress in the rain, it was watching the lightning burn down a barnyard, it was destru...