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A young demon; Bill x Dipper (Gravity Falls) by ghosts4371
A young demon; Bill x Dipper ( ghosts4371
What happens when dipper comes out to his family and it goes badly? What will happen when the twins return to gravity falls? What if he discovered he had powers by chanc...
Demons and Humans by Ghost_Simp_lol
Demons and Humansby Quackity :](simp)
Elder brother name is Bill Cipher, a dreams demon. Bill' twin name is Will cipher, a dream demon like his twins. Younger brother name is Alan D. Cipher, a "special...
BillDip ~You're My Hero~ by YasmineChrystal
BillDip ~You're My Hero~by Yasmine Chrystal
I don't own any of the picture's. If I do I will say on that chapter. Other than this short note there's nothing else to say, other than it's a BillDip. So bye. ~
Father Cipher by FishCatCrafts
Father Cipherby FishCat
This story is about Dipper Pines and Bill Cipher! What happens when Bill Cipher has a son he can't keep? What happens when Dipper finds out that Mable is NOT his twin? O...
•Road to insanity• (BillDip) by Littleme_Thea
•Road to insanity• (BillDip)by •Hizuka•
'maybe I am insane' "Dipper! Pine tree!" "I'll kill you" "AHAHAHA HAHAHA"
Darker Perspective  by DysfunctionalRequest
Darker Perspective by DysfunctionalRequest
Set after the events of "Not What He Seems." "Grunkle Stan, I trust you." The words struck hard in Dipper's heart and he knows that something has cha...
Soul Mates (a billdip fanfiction) by Sheep_and_Ducks
Soul Mates (a billdip fanfiction)by Nyx Tenebris
Dipper comes back to Gravity Falls, but things aren't the same. Mabel has some new friends and Dipper's body is only changing for the worst, in his opinion, not to menti...
Strife [Officially Recontinued] by 5M1L3_A_L1TTL3
Strife [Officially Recontinued]by 5M1L3
Highest Ranking: [#92 Gravityfalls] [#10 Mason Pines] [#17 Alcor] [#13 Demon Dipper] [#13 Alcor Cipher] [#5 billdip] [#5 billxdipper] Mason Pines. What is the meaning of...
Loving the Here and Now by Im_Hyakkimaru
Loving the Here and Nowby Im_Hyakkimaru
It's been four years, and the twins are back, ready for all the old and new mysteries to arise. During a walk through the forest to visit some friend, dipper discovers...
Son of the one eye beast by shadowtrigger
Son of the one eye beastby Tayla Potgieter
Read the story and you will know what it is about. Caracters and music are not myne
Trust No One by da_shipping_queen
Trust No Oneby SafetyPin🧷
As soon as dipper and Mabel turned 18 they were out of there, and moved to gravity falls with their grunkles. But when the pines family figures out that dipper has been...
Demon's Child by flamenightivy
Demon's Childby flamenightivy
The twins were born with a terminal illness. When they were infants and just inches from death the twins parents summoned a demon. Not just any demon but Bill Cipher. Be...
MY LITTLE PET [ON HOLD] by animegirls19
MY LITTLE PET [ON HOLD]by animegirls19
After failing to defeat bill and end weirdmageddon bill took dipper as pet now fum with angry that will stop at nothing just to kill bill and rescue dipper from his evi...
Alcor the demon by shadowtrigger
Alcor the demonby Tayla Potgieter
Dipper has a secret that not even Mabel knows. But Bill cipher found out and he was interested. Who knows where this relationship will end
You're Human Now by RCMatt
You're Human Nowby RCMatt
After a confrontation with Bill about what he is hiding. Ford finds himself in possession of Cipher's child. He decides for the safety of the child and everyone in his d...
Vengeance  by spicythanggg
Vengeance by Lovebug
Hi.. my name is Dipper Pines. I was once an ordinary human being in a very odd town, called Gravity Falls. This is my account of the demise of my humanity and the sacrif...
The God and the Thief by Nephilim_Writes
The God and the Thiefby Ben
Cipher is the "God" of the forest around Gravity Falls and it's his job to protect it and it's creatures. He does his job well until two young twins wonder int...
BillDip: Pine Tree's Deal by cherrykiss21
BillDip: Pine Tree's Dealby cherry cordell
It's been eight years since Dipper and Mabel defeated Bill. The twins have just returned to Gravity Falls after their parents died in a horrifying accident, and they fin...
splitting pines 《billdip》 by Beewos
splitting pines 《billdip》by The crusty crab is unfair
Warning, updates are slow everything was normal for the pines twins, that is, until they came back to gravity falls after 5 years. after finally convincing their paren...
Weirdmageddon: The Heads (Billdip) by Nephilim_Writes
Weirdmageddon: The Heads (Billdip)by Ben
Book 2 from Weirdmageddon: Dream Demon takeover (Billdip) {{{THIS IS A SLOW BURN BOOK. MEANING I TOOK MY TIME DEVELOPING THINGS SO IT WILL FEEL KINDA SLOW.}} Bill and...