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Father Cipher by FishCatCrafts
Father Cipherby FishCat
This story is about Dipper Pines and Bill Cipher! What happens when Bill Cipher has a son he can't keep? What happens when Dipper finds out that Mable is NOT his twin? O...
I never knew I needed to know you(Willdip) by Lucille_Light
I never knew I needed to know you( Madame Lucille
Dipper Gleeful has always felt like he was missing something, but couldn't figure out what. After discovering a secret Will had been keeping, he finds that he just has t...
Bill's little daughter || dipperxreader {SLOW UPDATES} by Kirasaki_Chitoge
Bill's little daughter || Andy Avis Chitoge Cipher
bill has wife and born a cute little baby but when bill's wife lay the baby his wife die but the baby's alive and that's you... your Y/n cipher your father is bill ciphe...
Levity Falls (Billdip) by Lucille_Light
Levity Falls (Billdip)by Madame Lucille
This story takes place after the events of gravity falls. Dipper and Bill are married with a daughter, Levity. Mabel, Pacifica, and Gideon also have children, but Pacifi...
Your the less well known Cipher, but the most dangerous one out there. Illuminate Cipher has been through A lot, and winds up in gravity falls Mystery Shack one night af...
Kill Cipher x Male Reader by Glxtch__
Kill Cipher x Male Readerby Yandere Bxtch!
just random one shots. angst, fluff, maybe smut. Anything you request too. have fun reading I guess.
The Tragedy of Tad Cipher by CreepiChan
The Tragedy of Tad Cipherby Creepi Chan
Wenn du eine Geschichte darüber hören willst wie Bill Cipher ein Dämon wurde, oder wie er in eine unrealistische Romanze mit Dipper Pines verwicktelt wird, solltest du j...
💛Ask belle cipher💛 by _belle_cipher_
💛Ask belle cipher💛by 💛belle cipher💛
I'm new at this I'll try and answer them as well as I can Anyway I'm belle the youngest cipher I have two older brothers I think you can guess who they are
The story of a dream by barbracakes
The story of a dreamby barbracakes
So this is a story about lily cipher and she is elsastrawberries and bill ciphers child so basically this is a story of her struggles
Tad Strange's Instagram by Snak30fL1es
Tad Strange's Instagramby Janus Sanders
• Hello • 》 I'm Tad Strange! 《 ! I'm Alot Older Than The Three Cipher Twins If You Must Know ¡
Demons by Moors_Stalker_96
Demonsby Dabi_whore
Kill Cipher Powerful and violent Savannah cipher Powerful, intelligent and violent Twins, the oldest making them the strongest Cipher members But one day they find out...
Zero Gravity  by CrystalConstellation
Zero Gravity by Cat ☕️
ON HIATUS Bill and Will 'Cipher' have run away, and made their new home in the quaint 'Zero Gravity Town' which they discover is protected by powerful guardians with mys...
Bill and Will Cpiher by masila_2
Bill and Will Cpiherby masila_2
This is for fun or in my free time I don't really expect any one to read but I think youll like this
The Cipher Family by DallasCipher
The Cipher Familyby Çrystal Âces Çipher
You just moved to Gravity Falls with your parents and you work at the Mystery Shack with your cousins Dipper and Mabel. You never believed the things they've been textin...