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Shawn Mendes Facts by alltoomendes
Shawn Mendes Factsby illuminate
Facts about THE Shawn Mendes, three time GRAMMY nominee. Learn something new and unexpected about this talented singer in every chapter! 11/3/19: 200K Reads
Road to Lord Stanley by Everything_Brit_19
Road to Lord Stanleyby Brit Toews
Sequel to Falling for Him Jonathan and his team have made it into the playoffs. Now their mission is to win the Stanley Cup. But with the teams they have to play against...
How Dark The World: A Shadows May Fall Story by annemariehartnett
How Dark The World: A Shadows Annemarie Hartnett
***Unedited*** A companion story to my novel Shadows May Fall. *Folks who have been reading along - you may have noticed that some of the parts have been unpublished (th...
Lovely Robot ~*~*A Graser10 Fanfic*~*~ by PlushieUnicornLover
Lovely Robot ~*~*A Graser10 PlushieUnicornLover
A 17 year girl named Juliee Springs she had blond shiney hair blue eyes what people would call perfect nowadays but little do you know she doesn't see herself as pretty...
Love comes... by lovelady1994
Love lovelady1994
A 20 year old virgin who is an inspiring actress that has bad luck finding love ends up falling for Justin Combs. Where there are secrets involved along with deaths and...
Two Canadians Put Together(IndiDigsMC & BajanCanadian) by IndiDigsGaming
Two Canadians Put Together( Sarai "Indi" Jones
Indi has been away from Team Crafted. She wants to see them again. When Mitch tells her that he is coming to visit her(not knowing that he's bringing some of the members...
"ꜰᴀʟʟ (ꜰᴏʀ ᴍᴇ)" by Chantioo
"ꜰᴀʟʟ (ꜰᴏʀ ᴍᴇ)"by C H A N T I O
With the unexpected death of his little sister, the 19 year old, Noen Eubanks fell into a hole he couldn't get out of alone. As his childhood bestfriend Chase comes back...
The Airbound by gameforceman
The Airboundby gameforceman
Ty Hilton doesn't like domestic activities, he much prefers to spend his time gallivanting around getting into trouble, and finding something exciting to do. But on Sept...
Gaming School by Kai_the_knight
Gaming Schoolby Kai
May. That's her name. She has been accepted into a school. But the problem is that she's moving out of the small city in Canada to the rough New York State. Her sister D...
I'm Not a Fighter, I'm a Victim by sasukechar2
I'm Not a Fighter, I'm a Victimby sasukechar2
Riley is an orphan girl that wants to fit in. But she can't with the constant bullying that happens to her. The one thing she wants to know—more than her parents mysteri...
My Opa's Story ✔ by MGspace600
My Opa's Story ✔by MGspace600
This short story is about my Opa named Gerard De Rooij, he was born during World War II in The Netherlands when the Germans took over. This is a short story when Gerard...
One... Two... Three... I found you!  by devilssecret_98
One... Two... Three... I found devilssecret_98
Młoda dziewczyna, Charlie Li poznaje sekrety swojego życia z przeszłości. Poznaje uczucie miłości oraz jej konsekwencje. Poznaje sama siebie i odkrwa sekrety z lat swoje...
I am Me, And Only I can Say so by alimig23
I am Me, And Only I can Say soby alimig23
Megan is just the average teenager at her high school in the small town of Canmore, Alberta in Canada. It's just her; her dad, Liam; her dog, Margot living in their smal...
People think Canadians are like... by TheFandomChild
People think Canadians are ♡ F A N D O M ♡
This is a book about is Canadians comment me your question and I will answer it DO NOT SAY I SAY 'aboot' CUZ I DONT!
The last days. by bacon1990
The last bacon1990
this story is about a girl I met in the 7th grade. (I'll be writing something everyday) I was dared to do this ;-; so sorry if its cheesy ;-; based on a true story