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ခြည်'''' ျခည္'''' (Complete)  by XNgeYNge
ခြည်'''' ျခည္'''' (Complete) by Nge Ma🦷
ထွဋ်ထိပ်ခေါင် ခြည်လင်းနောင် (Complete)♥️ ဦးဆုံးပထမအစချီလှမ်းမိသော်.... #OC Fic #Myanmar ထြဋ္ထိပ္ေခါင္ ျခည္လင္းေနာင္ ဦးဆုံးပထမအစခ်ီလွမ္းမိေသာ္.... #OC Fic #Myanmar
Invisible Armies by JonEvans
Invisible Armiesby Jon Evans
In a world where security cameras prove what you have done and databases define who you are, the few who know how to manipulate the technology can play God. They can cha...
Lullaby...(Let Me Be Yours) by zineyanpway
Lullaby...(Let Me Be Yours)by Ivory Kuu
Mafia... အမ်ိဳးအစားျဖစ္သည္ မီးနီေတြလည္းပါမွာမို႔ အင္ႏိုးဇန္႔တို႔မဖတ္ၾကပါကုန္ႏွင့္🙏
La première épreuve: le labyrinthe. Se souvenir,survivre,s'enfuir by LydiaMonster8
La première épreuve: le Lydia Monster
Quand Anna reprend connaissance, sa mémoire est vide, seul son nom lui est familier... Elle se retrouve entouré d'adolescents dans un lieu étrange, à l'ombre de murs inf...
Book of random poems by roosterT90
Book of random poemsby roosterT90
Collection of poems i wrote over the years. All random and unique from each other. some silly,some sad, some happy none the same as another.
Le labyrinthe d'un coeur by tripdreamer
Le labyrinthe d'un coeurby tripdreamer
L'arrivée au Bloc d'un nouveau réussit à percer ce cœur brisé. Saura-t-il le réparer? Ou va-t-il simplement accomplir sa mission: les faire sortir d'ici? Encore une nouv...
The Maze Runner - Remember by _le_labyrinthe____
The Maze Runner - Rememberby The Maze Runner
Thomas, Newt et tous ceux qui ont survécus à l'attaque du WICKED vont se réfugier au sommet des montagnes où le véritable QG du Bras Armé se cache. Thomas, bien décidé...
The Iron Curtain by gemakah
The Iron Curtainby gemakah
a three-part book focusing on the many experiences of those affected by the Berlin Wall. The first part surrounds Sofie and Lukas, two young friends who are separated by...
roblox romance drama smut story by cloudy-stories
roblox romance drama smut storyby smal sogy peenise
<<butt hole eyes ^^^ CU C U M BER 🧐u will not believe ur eyes👀 👁u will not believe ur eyes🙈 😱u will not 😎believe ur 👁e 👅y👅e👅s👁
RPG Le labyrinthe by fantastic_RPG
RPG Le labyrintheby fantastic_RPG
Un RPG sur The Maze Runner. Viendrez-vous tenter l'expérience ?
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Cuivre by CoffeeCupEnthusiast
Cuivreby .
#1 of #ChallengeMe #ShortStories In a little village in Eastern Europe there lives a Butterfly whose life is about to change. A bit further away on the peaks of the Des...
" ကျွန်တော်ချစ်ခဲ့သော သူမအမျိုးသား "  by YaeYint0310
" ကျွန်တော်ချစ်ခဲ့သော သူမအမျိုးသား ရဲရင့်မာန်
အရမ်းချစ်တက်ပြီး တစ်ယောက်ကိုတစ်ယောက် သိပ်ပြီးဂရုစိုက်ကြပေမဲ့ ချစ်တယ်ဆိုသော စကားလေးကို မဖွင့်ပြောကြပဲ သဝန်တိုမှုတွေ၊ ရလိုမှုတွေ၊ ပေးဆပ်မှုတွေနှင့် လူငယ်ဆန်ဆန် ဂျစ်တစ်တစ်ပ...