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Warrior Nun holiday collection by Lare_loi
Warrior Nun holiday collectionby Confused.Clexa
A collection of Warrior nun holiday shorts based primarily off of requests (and some ideas I have because I like wholesome content and I'm thinking of switching to it pr...
Addiction (Adriel Delson & Jenni fanfic) by imagine_baby
Addiction (Adriel Delson & Jenni imagine_baby
An addiction can occur from any time and place. It also can occur to anyone.
Loreley by Karadys
Loreleyby KB
Sebastina has a secret that's nucelar. If anyone finds out, that's it. The end for her as we know it. But there's Adreil, the class playboy, who has fallen for her and...
With love and all the feelings I can't spell.  by IdhayaBhardwaj
With love and all the feelings I IdhayaBhardwaj
Adriel is a Teenage girl with a messy nest of inexplicable feelings. She writes letters to Raymond Smith, aka Ray, a guy she had always known she'd end up with. These le...
Adriel Caliente: Stain of the Past (Caliente Series One) by iamsecretsauce
Adriel Caliente: Stain of the I am she and her
Caliente Series: One. 'problematic liquor addict' is the epitome of Adriel Caliente. An accident in the past strongly affected his present life, It led him to mental pro...
My crush who never like me by adrielxdelsonfanfics
My crush who never like meby adrielxdelsonfanfics
Jasmine who is now 14 had a huge crush on a boy name Adriel Delson since kindergarten , years passed & everything went bad Adriel ended up finding out all the time but n...
Little Miss Dead Girl by DJ_Mason
Little Miss Dead Girlby Mason Elise
I did not intend to kill that man, nor did I intend to die. Then again who else wished to do such a thing as tragic as that? When his blood tasted metallic against my li...
Musik cintaku by Alineaaar
Musik cintakuby Alnnenvll
Bertemu dengan seseorang yang menyebalkan bukankan itu suatu mimpi buruk yang pernah ada? Bahkan tinggal dilindungi oleh atap yang sama? Tapi ini nyata, ini nyata dan me...
Star Wars: The Price of Balance by Omninauts
Star Wars: The Price of Balanceby Omninauts
Turmoil once again grips the galaxy. The dreaded FIRST ORDER continues attacking outer rim planets, ignoring the peace pleas made by a non-militarized new Republic. Caus...
Who are you  by _chayyc
Who are you by 𝐌 𝐢 𝐭 𝐜 𝐡 𝐚
Siapa sebenarnya selama ini bersama ku?
The Rise to Fame by _gospelchick2lia
The Rise to Fameby _gospelchick2lia
Leana Monroe was someone who new her dreams from a very young age and growing up she made those dreams her ambitions. So when her ambitons take her away from her home, h...
His Once Upon a Time by sereyyyyyyn
His Once Upon a Timeby sereyyyyyyn✨
The book cover is made by yours truly! Image credits to the owner from Google.
Linéaire : The lost Kingdom by ecco2001
Linéaire : The lost Kingdomby ecco2001
2544 AD, a third world war and new countries. At their head, kings and queens. At the bottom, the poor people. The only way up, the selection, twenty girls drawn by lot...
Undertale: The After Years by Ultron342
Undertale: The After Yearsby UnderFan_360
This book is about the events after the true pacifist ending. It will be mostly in sans POV but if you want I can include other POV's. WARNING: Author~Chan will be inter...
First Love❤️ by LyanneLaireLopez
First Love❤️by Lyanne Laire Lopez
So there is girl named Jenna or Ynna. She was just a normal girl with a normal life. But when she met Adriel her whole life change....
My Knight In Silver Tin Foil {One Shot} by xXMeXx627
My Knight In Silver Tin Foil { xXMeXx627
Adriel is in love. Her boyfriend is amazing. Until one day he cheats on her. Then her friends come up with a quick fix and take her out on the town.