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  • Love Roulette
    230K 17.9K 26

    Mason Langley has just opened up The Amethyst Casino hotel with his best friend Gunner Scott. The two met 2 years ago in a sex club, where Mason was looking for his next hookup, and Gunner was crazily searching for a long-term relationship. The two couldn't be any more opposite of each other. But as they bonded over t...

  • The Professor
    339K 15.8K 36

    This book is FREE with paid BONUS chapters. 21-year-old Sloan Jackson has worked her entire life to score herself a place at England's top University-Oxford. Between studying and saving up money, Sloan has no idea what it means to have friends or any type of social life for that matter. Until she meets Nicole-her spi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Of Cages and Crowns (previously The Culled Crown, Book 1)
    858K 44.5K 56

    Of Cages and Crowns will be published as a Hardcover and E-book on November 22, 2022 by Wattpad Books! As a Wattpad reader, you can access the Wattpad Original Edition and the Wattpad Books Published Edition here upon purchase by the week of release. ...

  • The Alpha's Siren Song
    652K 34.1K 61

    Kaia, daughter of the ocean gods, is convinced that her life is a miracle. Years after escaping the underground prison where she and her siren sisters were kept, she is making the best of a bad situation. Her only goal is to stay alive and stay off the radar. Sounds simple, but life is never as such. Nero is not done...

    Completed   Mature
  • Going Rogue
    226K 15.7K 47

    This is a FREE book with PAID exclusive chapters. Tragedy struck the peaceful Briar Pack, after Jacob Coldwell decided to perform a hostile takeover. Jess and Drew were given the choice to align with him or die like the rest of the wolves who opposed him. And just to make things worse, he named Drew as his mate. Jess...

    Completed   Mature
    260K 14.7K 45

    An angel and demon, inevitably bound together by unknown depths of the universe and connected through an even greater force known as love. Xavion sees no joy in this supposedly fair world rebuilt by Yahweh and his angels. His neglectful upbringing and specist society caused an endless cycle of self-pity and loathing f...

  • Cut To The Bone
    679K 34.8K 50

    Azima Rousseau, a demon hunter destined to save her world from the denizens of the Underworld, has to venture through the Seven Levels of Hell in order to face its Prince and close the rift between their worlds once and for all. ***** Ever since her ei...

    5.9M 519K 81

    Consumed by avarice, the four human kingdoms-the Infernal Empire, the Kingdom of Caelum, the Kingdom of Treterra, and the Nayale Archipelago-betrayed their covenant with Yther of Azitera, the race blessed by deities, who protected humans for untold centuries. They slaughtered and defiled the beings that once protected...

  • Neon Rush {M/M} ❀
    2.9K 305 16

    Updates Fridays! Newly arrived in Neorleans, Zef hopes to remake himself in the big city. But big cities cost money. If he wants to afford rent on his crappy apartment and, more importantly, the testosterone and tech needed for his transition, he'll have to land a pretty stellar job. When he gets one working for Bion...

  • Marrying Mr. CEO
    84.4K 4.4K 30

    THE CHESTERFIELD SERIES #3 (THE EX-WIFE & THE CEO) They had the perfect life. Highschool sweethearts, college couple and finally, married couple. But what happens when it all gets ruined overnight? After five years of being apart, Damien Chesterfield and Amy Dimple are brought together by fate, more like a board meeti...

  • Dangerous Thoughts
    11.2K 1.2K 29

    Charles Abbot is finally living the life he has always dreamed of. At only 25, he has managed to turn his unique magical ability of copying memories into a profitable business. His gift has brought him recognition, wealth, and the hand of Cecilia Monroe, one of the most beautiful and wealthiest women in town. However...

  • For Alice, With Love
    92.9K 6.1K 27

    Free to Read with Exclusive bonus content! - Amelia Harris never expected she'd have to share a roof with Chris Smith. Ever. When she took over managing the Smith Estate for his mother, he'd still been happily married in the city, far away from Juniper and her long-broken heart. It had been ten years since Alice had...

  • Rebound
    429K 18.6K 47

    *FREE WITH PAID BONUS CHAPTER*After being dumped by her boyfriend, Elodie Shepherd resigns herself to loving her older brother's best friend from afar, just like she always has, even though he only sees her as his best friend's immature kid sister. But what happens when the dynamics between them shift once he learns o...

  • Sleeping With the Enemy
    2.5M 81.1K 81

    --This is a FREE book with an exclusive sequel at the end-- Sadie Sorento and Brandon Avenetti were destined to be together. Their families were already planning the wedding of the Italian mafia prince and princess long before the pair had even started dating. But when Sadie's parents were killed in a tragic accident...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Marvels
    19.6K 2K 47

    {Original Story} Vidya Khan is an anomaly. Her powers manifest when she's seventeen -- that's unnaturally late. Things get even weirder when Celestro, the enigmatic company responsible for all things super, offers her a spot on their elite hero team. Saving the world is complicated, and Vidya is struggling to keep up...

  • Blur the Line
    989K 48.8K 34

    **This book is FREE with a paid bonus chapter!** After being dumped, Isla Morris makes a pact with her ex's biggest competition, F1 driver Matthew Carr, to get inside Lucas's head. ** Isla Morris is dating the world's best F1 racer - at least, she was until Lucas broke things off unexpectedly before the start of the n...

    Completed   Mature
  • Girl on Track
    471K 32.6K 72

    [FREE STORY w/ bonus paid chapters] Seventeen-year-old bike lover Roxy must fight her feelings for her cocky trainer in order to win the tournament. ***** When her dad's racing accident leaves him in a wheelchair, feisty bike lover Roxy expects to have to give up racin...

  • The Detective's Damsel
    182K 16.2K 40

    Corinna Báthory, 16th-century nobility, is kidnapped and thrown into a male detective academy in present-day Florida. But they grabbed the wrong girl. ***** It's 1585, and things could not possibly be going any slower for Corinna Báthory. Overwhelmed with expectations as Hungarian nobility and the trials and tribulati...

  • The Vampire Always Bites Twice | Wattys 2022 Grand Prize Winner
    63.3K 5.9K 68

    Criminal necromancer & vampire private eye team up to solve the case of the missing barista. *** When a client drops dead in her parlor, former necromancer turned fortune teller, Isla, has no choice but to illegally resurrect the poor gal. Better that than go back to jail for keeping a corpse, am I right? The gal's ju...

    Completed   Mature
  • Two Thousand Years | The Empire Saga 1
    804K 11.7K 12

    || FREE STORY WITH PAID WRITER REVEAL CHAPTER || 2016 WATTYS WINNER || Welcome to the Empire. Where the Prophecy is law, and betrayal is the only way to survive it. ***** Two thousand years ago, the Prophecy of Fire and Light foretold the coming of the...

  • Work For It
    2.6M 92.3K 46

    Selene Haddad works for the hottest fiction app on the market, tasked with writing romance all day. It's a dream job, minus one little aspect of it: having to work alongside Daniel Santiago, the infuriatingly attractive man who screwed her out of a massive payday. She may have written it a thousand times, but Selene i...

    Completed   Mature